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Fireplace Maintenance

Winter Can Be Your Warmest Season

Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Service Doesn’t Need to be Frustrating When You Plan Ahead!

Yearly maintenance is crucial to ensure your gas fireplace is working properly and the best time to tackle gas fireplace maintenance is before the seasons change.

After you have kept your gas fireplace off over the summer or have allowed it to sit dormant for an extended period of time, you’ll need to consider servicing it. When you wake on the first chilly day, the anticipated joy and warmth of a gas fireplace can turn to frustration when it isn’t working properly or delivering the heat you want.

When you plan ahead and call a technician well in advance of cooler weather, you can be assured that your gas fireplace will be in working order for you and your family to enjoy for the cooler seasons.

Call Sandusky Door & Hearth Today to Schedule Early Service

Our team are your gas fireplace maintenance experts near Sandusky!

Act now and call Sandusky Door & Hearth today! We will proactively service your gas fireplace with a thorough cleaning and general inspection to make sure it is in proper working order. Planning ahead will guarantee you will be enjoying the warmth you desire when the weather turns colder, rather than staring into a blank, non-functioning fireplace, being one of many in line for service.

PLEASE NOTE: Overhead Inc. does not do chimney cleaning or sweeping services for any wood burning fireplaces.

Change Your Fireplace Look with Fireplace Replacement and Updates

Are you ready to update your gas fireplace? You will find inspiration as you shop our gas, wood, and electric fireplace options in our expansive showroom. Sandusky Door & Hearth has the best and largest selection of gas fireplace inserts, gas logs, and replacement parts near Sandusky as well as many accessories to make your fireplace a statement piece.

Gas fireplaces require little daily upkeep and we can easily convert your wood burning fireplace with one of our gas insert options. We also have many gas logs available, in a variety of materials, for gas direct vent fireplaces.

When you need wood burning fireplace replacement parts including glass doors, blowers, brick/refractory accessories for prefab metal box fireplaces, you’ll find a wide selection in our showroom. Our team of professionals are factory trained and can help you determine which replacement pieces and accessories will be best for your space.