Openers and Accessories For Your Overhead Garage Door

Sandusky Door & Hearth is proud to offer the highest quality and most complete product offering of garage door brand systems near Sandusky. Not only are our garage door openers powerful, quiet and durable, but they are also equipped with a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes.

Meeting all safety and power requirements, our full line of automatic openers come with built-in, standard functions for the ultimate in convenience and performance. All models provide assurance of lasting service and feature chain, belt and screw drives options, AC and DC motors, standard drawbar type or side mount. When you want a fully integrated system that maximizes efficiency and reliability, you’ll find a solution at Sandusky Door & Hearth.  

Our Liftmaster products are offered with smartphone capabilities. Utilizing the Internet Gateway / MyQ LiftMaster app, you can easily control your MyQ enabled garage door opener, gate operator, and house lights no matter where you’re at.

When you need a durable and dependable automatic opener that can open quickly, has a battery backup feature, and is quiet in operation, you can be assured that the professionals at Sandusky Door & Hearth will provide you with the expertise and knowledge to find a system that meets your satisfaction and budget.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide:

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide:
4 Things You Need to Know

To select one for your lifestyle

This ultra-powerful Elite Series Garage Door Opener comes equipped with Security+2.0, MyQ Technology, Battery Backup, Timer-to-Close feature and has a dependable warranty that includes lifetime coverage of motor and belt.


Liftmaster Elite Series 

Model 8550W DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

This sleek, space saving design mounts on the wall beside the garage door, freeing up ceiling space. This Elite Series® model comes fully equipped with Security+ 2.0, MYQ® Technology and the Timer-to-Close System. This model also includes is a remote light that can be placed anywhere in the garage.


Liftmaster Elite Series 

Model 8500 DC Battery Backup Capable Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Did you forget to close your garage door when you left the house? Now you can open and close it from your iPhone or Android device. For convenience, control and peace-of-mind all in the palm of your hand, check out our smart technology garage door opener capability.

Entry to your home is even easier with a wireless keypad. You’ll no longer need remote controls or keys. The wireless keypad provides secure door entry for up to three garage door openers. 

We have a variety of durable garage door openers provides power, reliability and convenience with the choice of belt or chain drive. The DC motor technology, along with the C-channel rail, deliver quiet operation.

This 3-button garage door remote control has a stylish design and easy access buttons. Features CodeDodger® access security system, which has a rolling code to thwart code-grabbing thieves by sending a code from billions of combinations. The tension clip slides easily and securely onto the sun visor. Battery included.

Imagine being at the office and receiving an alert if your garage door is open. Or being able to turn on your lights before you get home. The LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateway, which connects to your router and enables smartphone control, does this by letting you monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere and control home lighting. For LiftMaster Security and Garage Door Openers manufactured after 1998.


Liftmaster Internet Gateway

The ultimate in power, reliability and fast operation with a patented direct drive system. This screw drive operator can be used on doors as tall as 14ft.

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