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Screen Systems For Garage Doors

A garage door screen systems is one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in and Sandusky Door & Hearth has a wide variety of retractable garage screens for double, single and golf cart garages. You can quickly convert your garage space into a breezy, bug-free entertaining spot or relaxation area with a personalized screen system from Sandusky Door & Hearth. Manual or motorized, our screen systems keep bugs out by completely sealing to the sides and floor of your garage. We also offer a variety of design, color, screen type, and automation systems near Sandusky to meet your specifications and needs.

The Lifestyle garage door screen system works with your existing garage door and is a fully retractable for flexibility and usability. It features a fully retractable passage door – an industry first – which make entry and exit effortless. The Lifestyle garage screen is fully spring-loaded, and the Stoett fully-automated Panorama Screen Systems come with remote control functionality for the ultimate in convenience.

Sandusky Door & Hearth also offers screen system solutions so you can transform your patio or Lanai into a cool, breezy, pest-free living area in seconds. Retract your screen system during the day so you can enjoy your wide open patio and then engage the screens when the evening bugs come out, creating a pest-free space that can be used long into the night. Stop by the Sandusky Door & Hearth showroom to learn more about our screen systems and find the solution for your garage or patio.

Keep those pesky critters at bay with the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, Lifestyle Brownstone Screen System. 


Lifestyle: Brownstone​​​​​​​

Transform your garage to a cool, airy, bug-free outdoor space in seconds with the Lifestyle Twilight Screen System.


Lifestyle: Twilight​​​​​​​

With PanoramaLite Retractable Screens, you can expect your reliable operation, compact design and screens that stay on track.


PanormaLite: Retractable Patio Screen

This Panorama™ Patio Screen system is the reason to host more outdoor summer get-togethers.


PanoramaTM Retractable Patio Screen​​​​​​​

Panorama™ retractable screens pull down to provide sun and insect protection as well as natural ventilation or privacy. When not in use, Panorama™ rolls-up neatly out of sight into a compact 6 ̋ protective housing.


PanoramaTM Retractable Garage Screen​​​​​​​

Panorama™ screen systems also find their role with pool houses, providing respite from the beating UV rays of the pool area as well as a place to dry off without insects being drawn to wet skin or table refreshments.


PanoramaTM Retractable Pool House Screen

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