Sandusky Door and Hearth - Common and Custom Garage Doors Sizes for Residential Customers

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Common and Custom Garage Doors Sizes for Residential Customers

We have a variety of garage door sizes with common garage doors sizes as well as custom garage door sizes for your cars, landscaping equipment, recreational vehicles, and so much more. Our secure garage doors are available in the style, material, and finish you require. We have residential garage doors in standard and custom sizes. 

Most homes have a single or double garage door, or a combination of them. The most common single garage door size is 8-9 feet wide and 7-8 feet high while standard double garage doors are usually 16 feet wide and 7-8 feet high. 

Garage door sizes remain the same whether you have a detached garage or an attached garage. Some homes have two or more single garage doors with a structural post separating the doors. However, having one double garage door can save you money as each single door requires its own garage door opener and remote. 

We have standard garage doors for residential needs. And for our customers who need custom garage door sizes, we will determine the best garage doors to secure your home or business. We have a variety of speciality garage door widths and sizes to meet whatever demands you require. 

Common Residential Garage Door Sizes  

  1. Single Garage Doors
  • 8×7 feet
  • 8×8 feet 
  • 9×7 feet 
  • 9×8 feet 
  • 10×7 feet
  • 10×8 feet

2. To accommodate taller vehicles 

  • 8×12 feet
  • 9×12 feet 

3. Double Garage Doors

  • 14×7 feet
  • 14×8 feet
  • 16×7 feet
  • 16×8 feet
  • 18×7 feet
  • 18×8 feet 

4. Custom Garage Door Sizes

  • 6 feet wide x 6 feet tall for golf carts, ATVs and small landscaping equipment 
  • 16 feet wide x 10-12 feet high for larger vehicles, speciality or recreational equipment such as boats and larger landscaping trailers 

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