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Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Tiffin, Ohio Home

Fireplaces, whether it is an open pit or open hearth, are focal points for your outdoor living space. Research proves that outdoor fireplaces not only add value to homes, but buyers also desire a designated outdoor fireplace when they are in the market for a new home. The team at Sandusky Hearth & Home can customize your outdoor space with a firepit or open hearth that has both style and functionality. We have a variety of options in contemporary and traditional styles, and also have multiple sizes in gas and wood burning options that can be built into a wall or constructed as a free standing unit. Stop in today to our fireplace showroom today to begin designing your outdoor space!

Fireplace Maintenance and Service in Tiffin

Your Tiffin home’s gas fireplace requires yearly maintenance from a qualified service technician to ensure it is safe and working properly. The professional technicians at Sandusky Door & Hearth provide expert gas fireplace maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and repair services in the Tiffin, Ohio area. We recommend annual gas fireplace maintenance to ensure that your gas fireplace inserts, gas logs, ignitors, and fireplace vents are operating properly so you’re ready for the winter months and home heating season. The best time to schedule yearly fireplace maintenance is before the seasons change! Be ready – schedule service today!

What Does a Fireplace Maintenance Service Call in Tiffin Include?

When you schedule your fireplace checkup with the professional technicians of Sandusky Door & Hearth, your service call in Tiffin, Ohio includes the best fireplace services for seasonal maintenance:

  • Assessment of the fireplace glass assembly and firebox
  • Inspection of the inside of the firebox, including gas logs, burner, and pilot light
  • Evaluation of the fireplace burner ignition
  • Evaluation of the outside fireplace vent
  • Cleaning of the inside of the firebox
  • Cleaning of the outside of the firebox
  • Clearing of the fireplace glass with a non-abrasive cleaner

To schedule your seasonal fireplace service, or for fireplace repair needs, please contact our service department online. Or call for fireplace service in Tiffin at 419-624-0200.

PLEASE NOTE: The Sandusky Door & Hearth team does not provide chimney cleaning or sweeping services for any wood burning fireplaces. If you’re ready for the simplicity, warmth, and comfort of a gas fireplace, we can easily convert your wood burning fireplace with one of our gas insert options. Explore our gas fireplace options here. And be sure to visit our Sandusky fireplace showroom.


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Direct Vent Fireplace Options in Tiffin

One of the most popular fireplace options for Tiffin, Ohio homes and businesses are direct vent fireplaces from Sandusky Hearth & Home. A direct vent fireplace system is completely sealed with a two-part direct vent unit. The first vent draws outdoor air for the fire while the other vent exhausts all fumes and byproducts outside so indoor air quality is maintained. We have a variety of direct fireplace options to match your modern, traditional, or rustic design while adding heat and ambiance to any room or space.

Efficient Gas Inserts for Your Tiffin Home

When you want to update your Tiffin, Ohio wood burning fireplace to something cleaner and more efficient, Sandusky Hearth & Home has a variety of gas fireplace inserts. We offer both propane and natural gas options that will fit into your existing wood burning fireplace. With little renovation, we can install a gas insert in a day. We even have a wide selection of gas inserts that can be controlled with a remote control or at a wall switch for the ultimate coziness and convenience.

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